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1956 Continental Mark II Ad

- Bill Ford Sr. with Coninental Mark II, 1955

Created by Edsol Ford in 1940, Continental was created as a branch off of Lincoln that was designed to bring Ford Motors into a different market of more well-off and sophisticated buyers. In 1952 Bill Ford Sr. was the Ford brother who first championed the idea of creating a stand-alone Continental factory that would see its first mass production - the Continental Mark II. 

The Mark II was only manufactured for two years, and was designed to follow in the legacy of the '48 Mark I. With some of the highest standards in the industry at the time, the Mark II was subtly extravagant, and a price point to match. Being a company known for Model T's, Ford used the Mark II to compete with the best of Cadillac & Rolls-Royce - with a price point that sometimes doubled it.

Ford's Mark II Promotional Launch Video

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The Mark II was famously beloved by both Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra. Both still live in the artist's car collection today.

- Continental Mark II Ad

- 1955 Continental Mark II Ad 

The halo car, Mark Continental II was sleek & foreign. The design was said to be simple, but luxuriously clean. And the faux spare tire shape adorning the back of the car was meant to pay homage to the original (but not well functioning) real spare tire on cars from earlier decades.

Making of the Mark II

- "The excitement of being Conservative" Ad, 1955


This letter is in the current possession of the Motte Family, along with the original brochure book for the Mark II. The letter is signed by William Ford himself, addressed to the original owner.

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In Film

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High Society, 1956

The 1956 star studded film starring Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly, and Louis Armstrong features the debut Continental Mark II.

Elvis, 2022

Baz Luhrmann's 2022 Oscar nominated film, Elvis, saw multiple Mark II featured in the driveway of Graceland. Though never mentioned, the white Mark II is placed in the scenes to pay homage to the love Elvis had for his White Continental, and the rest of Lincoln's makes.

Other Sightings...

The Continental Mark II has been featured on many big screen films, as well as TV series. Popular shows like Grace Under Fire, Perry Mason, & CSI Las Vegas featured the car often. The Mark II, though shortly lived with only 3005 models ever made still left its mark on pop culture.

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