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- Ford Model T Ad, 1909

While the Ford Model T's from every era were duplicates within themselves, the Motte Ford Model T Speedster is something more rare. While the chassis, seat, arc lights, and fender is of an original 1910 Speedster, the rest of the car was built from scraps. A true Kit Car, the Motte Speedster was put together by Al Vivian, a well known and respected Model T builder and restorer. 

- Henry Ford standing with his 1896 Quadratic Cycle and the 1924 Model T Touring beside it

Henry Ford had been trying his hand at automotive companies since the late 1800's. But it wasn't until 1903 with the original Model T that his future was decided, thus changing history forever. It is believed that the Model T is the most important car made during the entire 20th century. 

- Chassis & Fender of First Model T Kit

With such a significance and foundational make, it's no surprise tinkerers and designers like Al Vivian used the Model T base for all different versions of different vehicles. 
On the Motte Museum's Model T, Vivian added the wooden frame, electric headlights to drive at night, the metal plating around the car to withstand time and rot, the steering, front grill, and so on. Even the rich yellow and number 10 adorning the grill was Vivian's artistry

- 1909 Model T art

Ford Model T - 100 Years

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