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1926 Chevy Touring

"Quality at Low Cost"

- Magazine Ad, 1949

Screen Shot 2023-02-19 at 7.04.47 PM.png

- Chevy Ad, 1926

When Chevy released the Touring car in 1926, Chevrolet was in a time where they were fiercely challenging the dominance of the Ford Model T. The Touring car was a part of the Chevy Superior Series, which was more mechanically sophisticated and had a wider range of colors to choose from. All at a lower cost than many versions of its competitor. 

1926 Chevy Touring Test Drive

- The Saturday Evening Post AD

In late 1926, which would expand into 1927 models, the available colors were expanded. The closed cars were all available in a choice of Royal Maroon, Highland Green or Fawn Gray. The open cars could be had in Phoenix Brown or Gunmetal Blue. Black was no longer listed as a body color.

- 1925 and 1926 Series Superiors

- 1926 Superior Models Chevrolet Sales Brochure

- 1926 Chevy Ad

Much like Ford, Chevy turned its audience to the most profitable yet untapped market - women. By selling the idea of safe, cheap, and attractive cars to women, Chevy successfully tapped into the female market that Ford has a monopoly on at the time with electric starters in the Model T.

- A 1926 Touring Chevy that was parked in a barn, and left untouched for decades.

In Film

Big Business, 1929

This 1926 Chevy Touring car made multiple appearances in the famous Laurel & Hardy duos acts -most specifically in Big Business.

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