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- Henry Ford News Announcement, 1927

In 1927 Henry Ford made an announcement that in the coming year, there would be an unrolling of vehicles that would adorn new and modern adjustments. In both looks and engineering, the new vehicles would drive faster, look better, and be safer. The Ford Model A Roadster Pickup would be one of those vehicles.

- Brooklyn Daily Times Article, 1928

While rarely featured in ant advertisements or media, the Ford Roadster was amidst the new and improved engines prided by Ford. With 60 mph and 40 mpg, the engineering on the Pickup was a vast improvement.

- Article ft Remodeled '28 Model A Pickup

Now widely used as a remodelers dream, the 1928 Roadster is one of the most popular remodeling kit cars in the Rat Rod/Hot Rod world. Often take apart and built back up piece by piece, the skeleton of the '28 Model A is cherished for many vintage car enthusiasts. So much so, multiple books have been written specifically dedicated to 1928 Roadster remodels.

- Family photo in 1930 Dust Bowl

On the other end, due to its time of release and popularity amongst farmers and blue collar workers, the 1928 Roadster is infamously related to the devastation of the Dust Bowl. Like the photo above, many of the trucks took on different looks, remodels, and patchwork - causing their aesthetics to greatly differ. But the frame of the Model A remained the same. The trucks were used to haul families and all of their belongings to different locations in states in hopes of out running the Dust Bowl disaster. While many trucks were left buried under the dusty sand.

- Ford Model A Pickup Blueprint Reprint

While there isn't an abundance of advertising or photos of the Model A Pickup, the truck became somewhat of a relic in American history. As one of the very first trucks sold on the market, during a pivotal time in the Depression Era of American history, the Model A Roadster remains a significant timestamp in automotive history. 

In Film

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Red Line 7000, 1965

In the 1965 film starring James Caan and Gail Hire, three race car drivers deal with their three troublesome love lives with both women - and their cars. The film sparkles with countless classic cars, including the '28 Roadster Pickup.

Hollywood or Bust, 1928

"Hollywood or Bust," the film centered around cars both old and new, shows a '28 Roadster amidst a long journey of classic car hopping.

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