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"Ask the Man Who Owns One"

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- Magazine Ad, 1928

While the 20's and 30's saw to it that most new releases championed low prices and progressive engineering, the Packard 4-43 was making waves for the opposite reasons.
The most expensive car of the time, the 4-43 adorned handcrafted workmanship, fine materials, never before seen paint colors, and the promise of the utmost comfort - no matter how long the drive.

- The Literary Digest, 1928

The highest selling point of the automobile was its connection to the finest furniture craftsmanship found in both America and England. the wooden etches in each door matches the master woodwork of the 18th century. The all wooden frame was designed to withstand time, like tried and true furniture throughout history. In fact, in its ads Packard compares the interior work of their 4-43 to the wooden cabinets that are "no less exciting because they are hidden from the eye." The colors and chassis form were meant to draw customers in, but the handcrafted comfort interior was designed to make buyers stay.


- Packard Eight 4-43 Look Book, 1928 - John Motte's Personal Library

While the 4-43's were stacked with luxurious, expensive, and well designed cars, the 1928 Club Sedan remains one of the most respected of the cars of its kind. And surely not shocking to Packard, the wood interiors often held up to the test of time.


The Packard Story - History of Motor Company


- Calendar feature of 1928 Packard 443

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