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1930 Ford Tudor Hot Rod

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- New owners of '30 Tudor

The 1930 Ford Model A Tudor Hot Rod is one of the first makes and models of the well known "Hot Rod" today. Designed to be light but powerful, Ford developed a new and improved version of the original Model A and Model T's.

- 1930 Ford Tudor Ad

The 1930 Ford Tudor Street Rod is the most popular version of a Model A ever made. Before the Tudor, the Model A model was designed more for performance and mechanics. With the Tudor Model A, the possibilities of attractiveness in Ford had its bar raised. This makes the Model A Tudor Rod still one of the most famous vintage skeleton cars to this day.

- "The Unseen Value That Makes the New Ford a Fine Car" Ford Ad, 1930

"You Save in Many Ways When You Buy Ford" - American Boy Magazine Ad, 1930

The 1930 Tudor Street Rod was not initially intended to stand out for its speed in racing. It was marketed as a money saver - with less gas at higher speeds. It was also a car aimed to target younger men.  Designed by Henry Ford's son, Edsel Ford, the car was younger & more attractive than its predecessor Model A's.

Fun Fact!

There are two rumored beliefs as to why Ford coined the name "Tudor" for vehicles:

1. Henry Ford thought the House of Tudor in the UK were "cool." The Tudor monarchs ruled over England, Ireland, and Wales. The line ruled for almost 200 years, and also started with a Henry. It's safe to say he may have been inspired.

2. It was a marketing tactic. It was common for the manufacturers to nickname cars to recognize them more easily. It's widely believed that it's no coincidence that the Tudor has 2-doors, and the Fordor has 4-doors. The Tudor may literally simply be "Two Door" sped up!

Model A History

In Film

Lawless, 2012

In the 2012 film, "Lawless," starring Shia LaBeouf, Tom Hardy, and Jessica Chastain, the movie takes places in the Appalachians during the Depression Era. With a film of bootleggers in the 20's and 30's, its no surprise that the film is a love letter to numerous Ford Model T's, A's, B's, and many others. 

You're Telling Me!, 1935

The 1935 comedy film tells the story of an awkward inventor in "You're Telling Me!" - a remake of the 1926 silent film "So's Your Old Man." The film shows a 1930 Ford Tudor in various scences.

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