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"To Satisfy the Sophisticated Motorists"

- Art Deco Ad, 1931

By 1931, Cadillac had cemented its name in history as the masters of luxury vehicles. The automotive company hammered this in with its 1931 Leon Benigni art campaign. Benigni was a renowned French artist that championed the art deco movement in the 20's and 30's Europe. Known for his elegance and French style, Cadillac partnered with the artist to unroll an entire catalog of artistic ads for their vehicles. During a time of economic downturn globally, the advertisement was masterful. 

Screen Shot 2023-02-25 at 12.13.29 AM.png

- Benigni's Art Ad for the '31 Coupe

Not only did the 1931 Cadillac straddle the line between luxury and "affordable" by riding alongside LaSalle - the more affordable series of Cadillacs during the Great Depression - but the Fleetwood Coupe is actually often praised for saving the bottom line of Cadillac during the Depression, keeping them afloat while so many automotive neighbors were folding to the economic decline.

- Cadillac's V 8/12/16 Logos

In addition to its style, luxury, "affordability", and progressive marketing, in 1931 Cadillac was mastering the engine. The only automotive company to offer V8, V12, and V16 engine models - customers felt that there was a range for every man. Not only did this enhance performance, but it offered differing price ranges for the same model of car - which lended to its seemingly "affordability" during a time of low bank accounts. Cadillac, to this day, remains a master of renewal and rebranding, while still staying true to its sophisticated legacy.

1950 Fleetline Chevy Official Commercial 

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