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"Aurua Vincit (Air Conquers)"

- Magazine Ad, 1949

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The 1926 Franklin is one of the prominent Roaring 20's historical vehicles. Prior to 1925, Franklin motors was known for having somewhat odd looking cars. They did not match vehicles like Cadillacs and Packards. After demand from sales dealers, Franklin redesigned a more conventionally attractive car - the 1926 being of the first makes.

- 1926 Franklin Ad

The '26 Oxford Sedan was released as being the biggest American car for its time. Which adds to the Franklin's prominence in the Roaring 20's. The Oxford Franklin Sedan was used as one of the first formal forms of taxi and limousine for the upperclass. While the times called for parties and champaign pools, the Franklin Sedan became used for larger numbers of transportation to and from the soirees.  

- 1931 Ad

One of the most alluring aspects of the 1926 Franklin was it's air-cooling engine. The first and longest lasting of its kind, Franklin adopted the slogan "Aurar Vincet" - Air Conquers. The company would even go on to be the first motor company to place an airplane in engine in a car. The luxury vehicles were the lightest power-to-weight ratio in their class. Holding tight to the air-cooling, Franklin even got Amelia Earheart, the famed pilot, to sponsor & support the car in the clouds. 

Franklin Motor Car

But even in their best efforts, due to debt, production cost, and the hard hitting effects of the Great Depression, the Franklin Motor Company would only last a few more years. By 1934, Franklin would fold to competitors who managed to produce cheaper and faster than Franklin could.
However, it wasn't until 1960 that Chevrolet designed an air-cooled engine in the Chevy Covair - proving that despite their failure to survive, Franklin was flying above its time.


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Adorned in the vehicle are glass flower vases attached near the windows of the vehicle. This was partially for aesthetic appearance, but was largely to place fresh flowers in to mask odors within the vehicle. It was the original version of car air fresheners - which at the time was an ultimate touch of class, adding to the luxuriousness of the car. 

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