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- Cosmopolitan Magazine Ad, 1931

'31 Victoria Restoration Process 

- Cosmopolitan Magazine Ad, 1931

While the 1931 Ford Victoria was marketed as many things - including the finest car for the price point - one of the largest campaigns the vehicle saw was directed at women.
Some of the largest and longest running ads for the car were in Cosmopolitan Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Women's Living Magazine, and Women's Journal. The photos/drawings shared in these ads more times than not only depicted women gathering around the vehicle.

In this Cosmo ad, Ford boasted its shatter proof windshield. The hook - a mother and her children were all safe from harms way in the new Ford Victoria. 

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In 1925 Ford started a payment plan for purchasing cars, specifically aimed at women. With the roll out of the new, safer, Ford Victorias in 1931, the payment plan was offered for the car stating that women could now "buy safe cars, without being financial burdens on their families" & that they could even pay a car off on their own. 

- Lady's Home Journal, 1931

"A new Ford Body Type of Distinctive Beauty."
Along with safety, Ford also sold the '31 Victoria for its look of class, sophistication, and feminine beauty. Ford aimed to broaden their market to a largely untapped market -
the modern woman.


In Film

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Bonnie & Clyde vs Dracula, 2008

The 1931 Ford Victoria was used in the horror film depicting a Bonnie & Clyde / Vampire mashup. It was rumored the real Bonnie & Clyde took a spin or two in a '31 Victoria, so it's not unusual to see photos, or in this case a film, using the vehicle to mimic the infamous couple.

Village of the Giants, 1965

In the Ron Howard and Beau Bridges film, a 1931 Ford Victoria was used in multiple minor scenes throughout the film.

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