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"Socially - America's First Motor Car"

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- Packard "Ask the Man Who Owns One" Ad, 1937

-"Washington Prefers Packards" 1937 Ad that aimed to paint the Packard V12 as diplomatic & "American" due to the White House's usage of the vehicle

'37 V12 Startup & Engine

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- The 1937 "Without Frontiers" Packard Ad from Detroit Motors Brochure tells a story to compare the advanced Packard to horse transportation, and how America has now met European technology in America

- Rock-Ola Brochure, 1948

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- 1937 Packard Ad

- 1937 Packard Ad, "Here we are Envying / Here we are ... Being envied." The Packard advertisement goal for numerous models, including the V12, was geared toward status, envy, and rising above the humble "American Dream" life style. 

'37 Packard (Convertible) Tour

- 1937 Packard 12 & 8 Ad, with close up of text

In Film

Marshall, 2017

The navy blue '37 Packard made an abundant appearance in the 2017 film, "Marshall." Thurgood Marshall, played by Chadwick Boseman, frequently uses the vehicle. It is also used to escort Eleanor Strubing, played by Kate Hudson. 

The Bad & the Beautiful, 1952

The '37 Packard was used in a minor scene in the 1952 melodrama, "The Bad & the Beautiful." 

The Mob, 1951

In the 1951 film, "The Mob," Johnny Damico played by Broderick Crawford uses a 1937 Packard V12 for a stakeout to find the head of the New Orleans racketeers

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