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- 1950 Studebaker Ad

- The 1950/1951 Studebaker Commander & Champion were designed to be for both the modern man, as well as the rural. With their ability to drive on rough terrain, it wasn't uncommon to have farmers be the spokesmen of the new lines.

"Clash of Classics" Studebaker Commander test run

- 1951 Studebaker Commander Ad

With the slogan "First by Far with the Post War Car," Studebaker found success in the 40's with their post-war vehicles. However, by 1950 the automotive company needed to revamp their look. Which was where the 1950-1951 bullet-noise Commander came in. 

- 1951 Studebaker Ad

One of the most notable looks in automotive history, the bullet-noise Studebaker would live in the company's history forever. The "Next Look" of the car's aerodynamic look was meant to start a trend in car world - it didn't, but that mattered little to company executives who's sales were higher than they had been in the last 48 years.

The look was designed by Raymond Loewy, who was said to tell his design to "look to the heavens" for their next sleek look. Which lead to the airplane-styled Studebaker. & While Loewy didn't invent the first spinner to adorn the face of a car, Loewy would become synonymous with the updated look.

"The Rise & Fall of Studebaker" Documentary

In Film

Marshall, 2017

The navy blue '37 Packard made an abundant appearance in the 2017 film, "Marshall." Thurgood Marshall, played by Chadwick Boseman, frequently uses the vehicle. It is also used to escort Eleanor Strubing, played by Kate Hudson. 

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